About Me

I am a Linux PC Server enthusiast and have experience with hosting servers since CoD 4 had been released back in time i’ve hosted BTD Zombies (Cod 4 Zombie Mod)

Forwarding in time 2016-12-18 i started a Online Dubstep Radio (hence the name MadDubz) this lasted since approx 2020 – Back again as of 14-4-2024 & Powered by https://libretime.org i run no ads / jingles as this is a pure non-profit project

I then started hosting Killing Floor 2 servers at our peak i hosted around 200~ Takeover Servers with over 300 + players across all of our servers around the world (Australia, Netherlands, and America/Canada) this lasted till around august 2023

I then took a break of approx 2 months due to real life problems, but im now back with a limited amount of servers which are located in the Netherlands & Canada, our provider is https://online.net [Netherlands] https://ovh.com [Canada] (i have no plans of adding more regions) my servers are powered by https://pterodactyl.io/ gameserver panel.

My main focus for the MadDubz Project is Server Stability & Interaction within the community, im also doing this without any external funding or donations, Thanks for taking the time reading!